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TOWN HALL 10 VS TOWN HALL 11 | Clash of Clans Clan Wars

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  1. When are you gonna 3 star?!?!?!? #camsucksatattacking

  2. that intro though

  3. Omg Chistian is good

  4. plz subscribe to my channel

  5. sub to me

    reply done

    ill sub back when u reply

  6. CQOTD: What ever happened to GoBitches

  7. haha when he yelled at jessica. That was funny

  8. CQOTD: Can you post more th8 videos and are you going to start your push again ps: Love Your Videos :)

  9. Christian=GOAT

  10. Cam if you could make any troop on coc what would the name be and what would it do?

  11. CQOTD: How happy r u now that u reach 1 million subs?

  12. Just ruined that 69 star war win! Just why :(

  13. am I max town hall 9 I tried to join you clan but it was closed

  14. CQOTD:For your intro it should be for one video whats up guys its time to clash with cam and then play the clip why you awlays lying why u alllys lying ooooo ommmgg stod fn lying

  15. CQOTD: what's a golden play button?

  16. Can I Join Your Clan Cam

  17. hahaha that intro was AWESOME it was very funny #camgottrolled that made my day??????????

  18. Cam where is our mustangBro? Is he dead? Is he sleeping? Is he busy? No one knows.. XD

  19. I can't be the only one who clicks the chat button on cam's videos

  20. i wish I could join your clan I can't find it

  21. sup cam

  22. hi cam about joining barbarian pro do you want to see my base and how i attack i ll show you on my chanel please answer me

  23. christian is a good fucking attacker…. like holy crap it's like he's using xmod or something

  24. Can I've seen youtubers with 3-4 million doing the golden play button opening. It takes a little more than a while. XD