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Town Hall 11 + MAX Archer Queen!!! – Let’s Clash #177 (Day 332-333)

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  1. LOL you dont have dragons or pekas

  2. Hey Brandon :3 I don't know how it will be for you but I'm a town hall 9 and I'm in crystal two. You should try your luck there. Good luck farming and amazing videos – Meow ^w^/==¥

  3. Boring

  4. 3:21 he sounded like he said f*cked up XD

  5. brandon i have made a war simulation attack i am frm.pakistan i have sent a req to join sg galadiators plz accept max th8

  6. stopped playing clash of clans.. peaceful now <3

  7. Brandon, can you do (for 150k) a compilation of your lets clash just showing when buildings complete/trees get removed. Or do a stop motion video just showing screenshots of your base from every episode. It'd be interesting to see how you progressed.

  8. hi brendon

  9. Hey Brandon do you think you'll get the eagle artillery or not?

  10. What are you saving ur gems 4?

  11. Not trying to be mean but do u have a life?

  12. Brandon use heal spell insted of that lightningspell :D

  13. I'm in a req n go jarne

  14. Are u going to push back to master league because u are a th11.Meow

  15. why don't you use AQ walk? it's really powerfull for farm

  16. Hey Brandon! Does your girlfriend support you about clash and youtube stuff? And what is her name?

  17. Hey Brand! Why you're not upgrading your BAM troops to max level? #Meow= ̄ω ̄=

  18. 5:25 noob loot?

  19. congratz on th11

  20. Q: BRANDON do you need a new base layout now…..meow

  21. Anyone want to join my REQ CLAN?

  22. Hi Brandon, approximately how long does it take you to find a base with a ton of loot like the ones you attack in your farming videos?

  23. Will you ever get bored of Clash of Clans

  24. What is your daily goal for dark elixir??

  25. Hey Brandon, how is you farm after updated th 11? change farm?

  26. @Ron_Levitzky Probably some guys that watch the video only listen

  27. Congrats:)

  28. hey brandon, how much time you spend on clash of clans ?!

  29. Brandon, why did you upgrade to town hall 11? You had something to spend all three resources on. BTW congrats on the max Archer Queen!

  30. 5:17 You stole over one million from the raid. Don't forget the loot bonus.

  31. QQOTD: do you plan on going go to clashcon?

  32. Lol ur giants are lvl 1