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Town Hall 11 Update Follow Up! Clash of Clans Supercell Post TH11 Update Plans

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  1. I personally agree with supercell's last point. Part of clash of clans is to create bases and defend enemy attacks. The town hall outside just takes away a whole perspective of the game.

  2. Townhall inside is better, helps people practice proper attacks and therefore making their clan war attacks better also. Alot of people are complaining cause of less dead bases cause its easy loot where in my clans experience there has been an increase in loot just gotta find a way to get it with a proper attack strategy.

  3. Th11 update kind of made a frenzy in the community :/

  4. 5am omg bro you are crazy lol ;)

  5. I think i hate supercell even more than i did before this notice, i have quit clash and now and a huge hater of supercell because of what they did…

  6. What is the intro music?

  7. Hello, my clash name is Hen I'm from clan Delirium clan ID #2LUJPG8C. I've been following you for quite some time now. Your clash videos are great. We have been looking for a YouTuber that makes great videos on war. Our clan is currently on a 30 win war streak with a 106-11 record. I truly think we could help you get more subscribers if you are interested. We're a clan with a Great War strategy plan, looking for a YouTuber like yourself. Your welcomed to stay for one war or for good. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  8. hah, if they really cared they'd help us get back our farming -_-

  9. after the last update it takes forever to get a shield. I don't have the time while in work to collect my loot. so it builds up to a certain amount n I get attacked. making my last raid completely useless. most of the time I don't get fully attacked either. they just take what's on the outside n I still don't get a shield

  10. i don't have many problems with the game. and I agree the Town Hall outside the village was weried cause I thought the point was to raid the village to destroy the Town Hall get as much loot as possible. I pratice alot on attacking by using goblins map maxing my collector's, spreading my gold, elxier, dark elxier around. Not bunch them in one area. Simply why not pratice attacking and don't put all storages in one area. works for me and people have been mostly targeting my dark elxier. so near it I put my best defenses near it, & I average about 12 trouphies, & lose about 5 trouphies. Hate my thoughts, sorry if you feel that way. I don't comment much but the hatered of the update people have is odd. Cause I was bad at attacking but I pratice & practice people. How hard is it just to practice?

  11. no because of they lower the resources we can get we still loose what ever we just got right after attacking its gotten to the point where they've gone to far with "trying to make people play the game as they see it I've been playing clash since the beginning and it was great back then they addressed the issues such as when you got raided if the army camps got destroyed all the troops trained up at that time were gone but need less to say they have to much money now to worry about the quality of the game for others they are now only focusing on the higher TH 10's and TH 11's and all the people like me who can't check all through out the day get screwed because my village gets destroyed my a max TH10 and I'm a TH 9 not maxed out so obviously they haven't put the whole you won't find people below you type of thing so IDK I really feel like quitting because the game was dying and they should have just let it because that would be better than having all these TH 11's demolishing everybody but that's my two cents
    thanks for reading of you made it this far :)

  12. they better be listening cuz if there's no players there's no money lol!!!

  13. idc if its inside,outside or not even on the base,,I just wanna find resources,,tired of pressing next 100 times before I can raid!!Gets so boring!!!

  14. Supercell is listening to the community and taking the steps to hopefully make Clash of Clans better again!

  15. I agree

  16. Th9 hybird plz

  17. o/ hey! actually I agree, I kinda like putting my tiwn hall inside

  18. I 100% agree, clash was made for th inside, make a hybrid base :P


  20. o/ NICE !!