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“TOWN HALL 12 UPDATE!” / Clash Of Clans / New Troop “REAPER”? Gem Mine & More… (CoC Update Ideas)

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  1. this video is fucking restarted, if any of these updates came out they would destroy the game

  2. i thought that it said theses are going to get added but read the whole title and my dreams are broken??

  3. i don't think th12 will be a thing for a while because th11 is not to old and they took a long time to add a new town hall and balance everything out

  4. gem mines will never be because supercel would loose money thst way

  5. Gem mine never comes in update, then no one buys gems and clash would end their most money income. Just please, you always dream of that gem mine

  6. oh i should of not said anything till i watched the whole video

  7. this is not a good idea for th12 because i fell they do not have enoff for th11

  8. the thumbnail looks sexy af

  9. Click bait

  10. supercell will never make a gem mine no matter how hard it takes to get it.

  11. dude stfu ur voice is annoying

  12. Awesome ideas malu!

  13. WOAH! when did th12 come out? Oops lemme watch the vid first XD

  14. awesome video….worth more sub's…

  15. that's sick

  16. Cool vid

  17. third!

  18. The reaper can't be added, because he is an hero from castle clash(Sorry for my english)

  19. second

  20. First :P