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TOWN HALL 7 “DARK ELIXIR” FARMING BASE in Clash of Clans! (NEW CoC Hybrid/Trophy Defense)

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  1. great base its the best one ever

  2. thx

  3. Love u barcode

  4. كلش حلو استمر يا ورده

  5. Q& are you just doing base designs or will you do attack strategies aswell

  6. thx

  7. Please make a th9 hybrid Base


  9. nice,nice

  10. thank you :)

  11. guys u should trust barcode his bases work very well !

  12. Finally lol I've been looking for a base like this

  13. alguien abla español

  14. you can do th troll villages 8 or defend a village for glasses please rise barcode

  15. Can you make a th 8 version of this?

  16. Easy to get the dark ELIXR just go in from bottom use Giants to distract the wiz towers then drop wb
    And drop 8-12 giants then drop archers and barbs behind and U got it

  17. bro can you do th8 hybrid maze base too..

  18. 2nd

  19. first

  20. Follow me on twitter @barcodeYT and tweet me questions for a QnA video. :)