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Town hall 7 MOST EPIC War / Trophy Base – NEW UPDATE – 3 Air Defense

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  1. Nice channel m8. Subs and tums up

  2. Nice song! :)

  3. what's wrong it's squash vertically weird

  4. Fantastic. I'm waiting for another trophy base for th9 :)

  5. Thumbs up the video coz I got new funky music HAHA
    I tried matching the music with video length, it was perfect!

  6. First

  7. Thank you for watching my video. I hope you continue to watch my base builds everyday

  8. – This base is never seen before!!
    – Use this and never get killed by opposing Town hall 7
    – Ask for Drag in war clan castle to always dominate
    – Ground troops will get REKT up because of too much doors
    – Hard to get with air because air defense are triangulated

    – MUST USE

    – Town hall 8 base build is next by tomorrow, so please subscribe and leave me feedback on this base