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Town Hall 8.5 War Base New Update *BOMB TOWER* (TH8.5 With Queen, Walls) 2016

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  1. Huy ..u forget the fourth ED .. try to do it again

  2. 9.5. P

  3. PLEASE make a new TH 9 HYBRID base that old one is very bad

  4. Please build a good base of war TH8 only.

  5. Top Second Brasil >.<

  6. makes a farm please base th8.5

  7. can you make Th 8.5 hybrid base quenn and wall (bomb tower)?

  8. I will sub to u with 6 accounts if u like this comment and sub to me. Comment when done!

  9. You're missing a gold and elixir storage, tesla, air defense, blower, wiz tower, giant bomb, 2 air mines. I haven't checked all the traps.

  10. Can you make a th8.5 base with only queen and storages and traps? (No New walls)

  11. can u please make a th8.5 version 2

  12. Hi

  13. 8.75 please bro without xbow only hehe thanks,,,

  14. Can anyone suggest me what troops composition without using spells for th8? i'm currently upgrading my spell factory i'm only attacking for star bonus

  15. Hi ,,, Town Hall 10 Best Farming Base New Update BOMB TOWER (TH10 Anti Giant, Valkyries) ,,,,, Please ,,, I'm waiting for your video review

  16. Town hall 8was

  17. I need th9 pleaseeeeeeeeeee ??

  18. ????

  19. can you make th8.75??? with onky no x bows . :)

  20. Can u please make new hybrid base with bomb tower for th9 please

  21. And Farming Pls

  22. ?

  23. anyone experiencing A lot of game crashes after the Update ? if u can help pls reply Try Rebooting device Deleting app And all save data still crashing

  24. can you make a th9 war base when you have time. love your vids keep up the great work and i been watching more of those hghb war raids i got better had my 6 star war against maxed th9s.

  25. can you pleas make a th 8.75 base next?

  26. Why no X-bow in TH9 ?

  27. Th8.75? (No XBow) plz farm or war ;)

  28. For th7.5 plis.

  29. Hey jack! Whens the th9 war base? 🙂 Nice vid!!

  30. Can u make just a th 8 one

  31. thanks for the th8.5

  32. Can you make an 8.75 war base defending against goho n valks

  33. Just wanted to say I love your videos and plz also change back to old intro, i love it!!! :)

  34. first :D