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Town Hall 8 Complete Guide [UPDATED with Bases!] Clash Of Clans

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  1. shrug comment fun minimize cooperation great

  2. Wonderful video, Ash. It's an immediate required view for my clan. I love the disclaimers and will dovetail on those for lab upgrade priorities. I push my clan to make L5 lightning their first priority, as it allows zap-quake with rage in dragon attacks. TH7 is a dragon game and new TH8s are already familiar with it, so transition to zap-quake dragon attacks in war is a natural move with immediate benefit. New TH8s are able to increase their war value immediately with current troop levels while upgrading the rest.
    Again, thanks for the great content!

  3. do a th9 guide

  4. Memory margin favorite extraordinary.

  5. This seems very helpful but 2 things:
    1- you dont get extra loot/treasury storage from upgrading cc, its now based on th and clan levels
    2- you forgot to mention that upgrading cc to level 4 allows you to take a dark spell to battle even if you arent even building your dsf ;)

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  7. Guide for new th9 plz ash

  8. Thanks on those bowlers mate, Soz about your wait should've left anyone can join at champs or something 

  9. I fucked up. I upgraded the motor and wizard towers first. True savage?

  10. Thank you for th8 info, thought we had been forgotten lol

  11. can you make a video about farming at th9 without royals for a max base?

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  13. Roy senpai dude stop the spam…

  14. Can ash or someone tell me Ash's TH8 war clan

  15. Awesome videos man thx for doing th8

  16. Can you do th 9

  17. SUPER ASH! great job you outdid yourself.

  18. do a guide for th7 ash plz

  19. please do th10 and other town halls :)

  20. upgrading cc first also gives you another de spell slot

  21. Great video for a th8 like me Ash!

  22. for me I don't care about war weight I care about an edge in a game I usually upgrade those with significant effect first mortars can kill archer within their level in 1 hit but takes 2 if enemy is superior that's why I like to go mortar first it's not that much matter to upgrade +6 dps when you already have 50 that shouldn't be much effective but mortars are the exception it's like double it's power against archer in a game their are many situation these edges may come to play so I recommend to upgrade start with lowest rate firing archer towers are poor choice cause there is still 1 shot wasted in fact there are still specific edges coming in play you should take into account but these are too hard to calculate so mortar first should be an OK choice

  23. Pls do updated th 10 yours are not very useful after update. Great work

  24. complete guide for th8.5 ash

  25. Wow warn production heavily cook.

  26. Th9 guide plz

  27. Thanks for hte Video, please do TH9 as well

  28. Good difference of opinion ash. I advise my clanmates to do their teslas first of their point defence upgrades because they take longer; it helps keep war weight lower for longer waiting for them to upgrade, and as an extra bonus the base doesnt look any tougher.

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  30. I have just reached th8,hope so it helps me.BTW good job..And well detailed explanation

  31. I'd love to see a guide for Town Hall 7, I've just reached it!

  32. Loons more important for war than heal? come on man

  33. Amazing content! This is really helpful and intriguing! Thank you Tim!

  34. Make a th10 one

  35. Wow awesome video Ash, very informative ?

  36. Can you do th10 with heros like 20 or 25 not max th9

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  38. I actually couldn't find a better video other than this 😮
    Epic job Ash!!
    Love ya buddy??

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  40. can you do th7

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  42. how can you have only 170k subs with that awesome content in every video ?! (sorry for my bad english… i'm from germany)

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  45. Pls make One For TH9