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Town Hall 8 (TH8) UPDATE Farming Base [Pingfao Style 2016] + Replays

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  1. This array can defense the hog rider?

  2. Jack can you please make a base for loot AND trophie protection fot th lvl 8

  3. I am starting to push but all my bases are flopping can u reply bro pls to let me know what's the best th8 pushing trophy base to push to crystal or master thanks reply soon I'm struggling

  4. Please th10 dark farm base

  5. NICE!

  6. The Base супер

  7. base super: ???

  8. jack I love yours videos

  9. Nice base bro keep it up ? ?

  10. Awesome base I used it for my first account can you make a Th7 I need it for my second account I think you are the best youtubers Out there for clash of clans

  11. Th9 vs maxed defences Th10 3 star war attack on my channel make sure to watch it guys and subscribe to see my future attacks,bases, strategies and more! …. Nice base Jack Sparrow as usual keep up the good work..

  12. I have two accounts and my second one is it Town Hall 8 and this basse is so very awesome ??????? and I using the Town Hall 9 Bass for my oder one Account very Nice ??????

  13. Very awesome

  14. the th9 ping fao did well against maxed valkaries and eq, half the storage we're intact

  15. now wit

  16. ?

  17. We want to design for the war only th8

  18. thnx man

  19. What is your Clan location?

  20. No base in th8, th7, th6 etc defends, the designs start working already when you are one th9 formally…

  21. Thqnk You

  22. jack (8.5 th) whats mean??

  23. valkyries + earthquake = RIP all base. Don't farm at high cup unless you are farming de only

  24. like

  25. first !!

  26. good

  27. hello bro ? … can i use this base for loot protection ?

  28. good , can you make new th8.5 farming base

  29. First