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Town Hall 9 & 10 3 Star Attacks – Clash of Clans – Poetic Darkness

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  1. Lol durty whale running a durty WW base

  2. Love the music on this one. Would like recaps with this behind commentary

  3. I really like this thumbnail over the other one. Keep up the good work! New sub and I'm thoroughly enjoying the recaps. ?

  4. Love the vids, keep up the good work??

  5. RIP for the comment I accidentally removed on my phone >_<. Apologies.

  6. top

  7. whats the song at 35 minute mark? its dope as fuck.. btw this is ragnar from the iwf… like your videos bro

  8. nice my Th10 base which i built in rr :D

  9. I have a mancrush on master weet ☺️

  10. papa and mw are my idols lol