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Town Hall 9 New War Base Anti First Hit + Proof Replays (TH9 Anti 3 Star) Update 2016

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  1. will try today. thx bro. got my subscribe ;)

  2. Nice attacking. ???

  3. Huy I am th9 full but héroes no. How can I join tour clan? I do very good gobolalo.

  4. I love the base and love the music.

  5. 小爆弾壁よりもう一マス離したほうがいいんじゃないですか?

  6. good base bro,, i like it,,

  7. ban la nnguoi viet nam a

  8. th8 war base anti goho please

  9. Really awesome video and Design Keep up!

  10. وحلى لايك عراقي

  11. Your one of the only base designers I trust lol

  12. 1st replay when healer passed the 12 clock air defense area, air boom should kill at least one which I believe these replays are before the new update, why you put Update 2016 on the title

  13. yoo iam impressed keep it up

  14. اشو كلها جابت نجمتين و انت كاتب تصميم ابو النجمة ؟!

  15. very good

  16. I don't get why three wiz tower are put together..

  17. If it's more anti-air, why are the xbow than on ground, they are pretty powerfull right, just trying to understand. Great video tho, plzz keep up the great work. love your videos

  18. You make so creative bases…. thank you! :)

  19. can you do a subscriber clanwar

  20. good video

  21. good job