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Town Hall 9 (TH9) Best Hybrid Base [Farming after Big Update] – Protect Town Hall/Storages + Replays

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  1. Nice job

  2. New warbase for townhall 9 please 😀 thank you~

  3. I have been using this base for almost a week now and it holds up great. I have been attacked by max th9's and they can barely get the dark! Im not even max th9 yet! Its so good and the spring trap placement confuses giants and gets rid of them quick! Thanks!!!

  4. .

  5. check out my clash of clans videos here!!!

  6. attack from the southwest. I'll get the th and de easily with proper troops.

  7. Only 720p?? Come on


  9. there are some replays before the update cuz townhall didnt have loot

  10. I love this base it is supper good i went on defence and have not got attacked for hours thx for the base

  11. can you make a base like this, but the TH is in the middle? thankyou!

  12. layout is good ?

  13. Please make a new th9 war base , the first war base you have is quite common and there are videos on how to 3 star it, the second one I'm using currently gets three starred by lavaloon and gohowi all the time. Please make one soon , and keep up the good work mate.

  14. Thanks! Stealing this shit..

  15. Thank you so much! Great work.

  16. Thanks for this amazing base but i have been wondering …. if the walls were less than 10 then it would be much easier to raid … so help us (we) who don't have lvl 10 walls :S

  17. Hey jack you want some replay? this base is awesome! :)

  18. so I am a masters 2 player, anyone around that trophy range try this base? If so please let me know if it managed to defend for resources, I don't mind about the trophies

  19. thanks bro

  20. super queen can take this base. townhall and dark both