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Town Hall 9 (TH9) New Update WAR BASE Anti-3 Star + Replays Proof All Combo Attack

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  1. Dear Jack Sparrow, please can u build a farming base protecting mines and collecters! like a vacation base please! I always copy down your base they are awesome! but i need a vacation base please!!!

  2. Like!!!!!!

  3. What if you move the townhall with the dark elixir storage?

  4. what music name ? please .

  5. Mds , a maioria dos layout o cara deixa os morteiro fora dos muro pqp

  6. jack bro. which cc troops you prefer for this base pleasr reply bro

  7. Hi I from Russia, I really like your video ! It seems to me that the base very easy to break by Valkyries
    P.S. I know that my English is terrible)))

  8. New intro :/

  9. parabéns, ótimas suas bases. Vou usar essa hoje :D

  10. those were bad attackers this base won't defend not even once against good clans ur not bad but u need to change ur designing methods

  11. what music name ? please .

  12. up

  13. gooooood??

  14. md layouts cv 8

  15. 3rd

  16. First

  17. The old intro music is annoy now so i changed to this tune. It is quite awesome