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Town Hall 9 (TH9) Troll hybrid base [Protect dark elixir after update] + Replays

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  1. Thid base doesn't work. My DE still got picked the the archer queen.

  2. Please Gave me song the video

  3. also Jack can u make a base that protects my loot good like this base protected my dark exilir

  4. if anyone sees my comment this base actually works the only improvement to do is to switch the spring traps with last walls on the end to make your base further that's what i did and no one got my dark thanks Jack Sparrow this really helped me a lot for townhall 9

  5. got wrecked by a jump spell… not protecting the DE so much

  6. I liked the th8 version very much saved my de many times, I'm happy again to see th9 version.. I hope you make us trophy one so I gain trophies from the defenses only ;)

  7. K

  8. Very Easy for Archer Queen plus healers ….

    gold to champ 2 using only that method…

  9. listen to music or too tell me is not a title, tkanh

  10. Best base ever get acher qeen with it

  11. wow I got 100% owned 8 times already after using this :(

  12. TH8 of this please?

  13. Could you make th9 hybrid base without archer queen? I'm pretty new th9 so I don't have archer queen.

  14. been trying out variety of base designs for protecting D.E, yours is the greatest by far. my D.E is untouchable. thank you

  15. your designs are creative jack.thanks however this base is a little bit not good..let me explain :the clan castle is at the prefer easily lured , the storage also ,,the town hall is not well protected,thats a big three disadvantages..any way keep the good work man. and thanks

  16. wish u could make a th8 base like this which trolls the DE

  17. You have inspired me to make myself bases. But yours are better. Lol

  18. hey bro can you share your music you use? so nice .. thank you . :')

  19. th8 pls

  20. next th9 9.0 with xbows anti giants funnel type