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Town Hall 9 Titan! Two Starring Th11 – Featuring *CommandoTotto* Clash Of Clans

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  1. Ni know comandototto i use to be in clash of knights

  2. Nice man

  3. Why show the same attack twice? Really only 1 attack was a 2 star

  4. come say what's up in quantum's 8.9,5 were gonna bring some heat to you soon

  5. nvm mic rejected me

  6. I just requested to join I'm jakerules

  7. what's your clan ?

  8. Do commentary bro! :)

  9. you showed Comando tattoos attack two times in a row

  10. I hope u reach ur goals in clash of clans now im in champion 3.

  11. Nice Vid bro ❤❤??

  12. Comando totto buenos atakes broth soy kratos haha
    Van nice vídeo men <3

  13. nice!! ❤

  14. I think a great video would be you doing a detailed tutorial on how th9s can one star th10s and th11s using dragloon. This would be a great vid!