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Town Hall 9 War Base Anti 3 star (TH9 war anti Goho/Golaloon) + Replays

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  1. ?????? I'm lovin it

  2. is this base also anti gowipe and gowiwi?

  3. song? ?

  4. weak base i can easily 3 star this base using giant max lvl and goblin max lvl

  5. Vou postar este layout no meu canal e deixarei os créditos a você ok ?

  6. Protect ur queen better ass, horrible attacks shown. Thumbs down.

  7. AQ for DE not better?

  8. Cool base does anyone think that the queen is exposed too much?

  9. Nice base.. Name music 5:058:25 …please…thanks

  10. really crap attacks

  11. When I first saw this base, I told myself "this base could easily get 3 starred by a golaloon attack". Then I saw your replays…

  12. Wow been using this for a week now and It perform perfectly never been 2 star I only been 1 stared and if u want proof Go to exodus prodigy and check my wars only been one star cool base!!

  13. Yo I got replays for you. got like 7 defences none of them are 3 stars on this base! I was number 18 and their number 3 even failed on me!

    7-8 replays for you reply if interested, don't be too late tho we're an active warclan

  14. which sound track is at starting??? plz tell me xD

  15. This defense has been very good.

  16. Why is there GoWiPe replay though?

  17. you make the best bases in coc keep the good work up :)

  18. plees name meusic

  19. make me Town Hall 7 War Base

  20. Those were the shittiest 3* attackers I have ever seen. I skipped past the gowipers because who cares about em. Not a bad base though. :)