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Town Hall 9 War Base Anti 3 Star Update *BOMB TOWER* (TH9 Anti Queen Walk/Valkyries) + Replays

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  1. Thow hall 8.5 farming ,plese

  2. it looks okayish.. i'll just replace the dark elixer storage in the center with the CC

  3. 9.5

  4. Excellent base Jack

  5. Jack Can You do a th 8 farming and clan war base creat pleas?

  6. Jack, God I love you. What a great base. Thank you very much for this.

  7. amazing bases man, do you have any anti 2 star?

  8. amazing bases man, do you have any anti 2 star?

  9. cool ?

  10. I JACK SPARROW COC please give some th8 war and anti loot bases …………..

  11. Lucky on the first replay…

  12. plis th 10 jaks,for war

  13. ??? thanks huy

  14. I wonder if most of the replays would've been a 2 star if Town Hall was replaced with Dark Elixir storage

  15. if I sent*

  16. Would you build base I sent to you?

  17. what this base is more good for protection dark elixir …..nice job too

  18. Nice bro

  19. Come on! jack! i have been using ur bases through out th9, now i m 9.5,,, this base can be wrecked easily into 3* if its a good attacker… first replay itself 97% @5:56.. when u can see a base surpassing 85%-90% it can be 3*rd… keeping AD away from queen to prevent govalo or gobolo.. but if accessed from middle with a jump spell.. all AD can be taken out…

    i have been loving ur bases..and its been awesome….
    this one isnt upto my expectations..

    will be waiting for next one…
    Good luck mhan…

  20. pls 1 for war

  21. Will it really work..this base really look easy for skellaloons and hghb

  22. كسختك احسن امسحه ب فالكيري

  23. make some town hall 10

  24. also make one farming or trophy base, I'm in masters 2 ,so need a hybrid base to defend as well as protect DE

  25. Hey Jack Sparrow can you make more th8 war bases or strats its like you forgot about us th8s…)'=

  26. Hey jack hows u bro,will there be any new th8 base .. looking forward to some new designs farming as well as war if possible . Thank you

  27. What do you mean double giant bombs wont kill hogs ?

  28. amazing

  29. where are you found all this base?

  30. Bro nice base hey sparrow bro I think tH9 should be in middle dark elixir should be outside have u got me bro I made this but I this

  31. First Dislike becouse i'm first (._. )


  33. Nice but I havenot sub your channel.

  34. Good base. The base might be susceptible to golem avalanche? You guys should test it

  35. maybe pentalaloon is easy to this base

  36. Does this work for th9.5 with some adjustements?
    also are you planing to move to th10 😛 i have upgraded 3 weeks and really wish to keep following your videos 😛 i enjoyed almost all your th9 bases and strategies so hope to continue doing the same at th10!

  37. so hyped for this, finally, good quality stuff as always!

  38. Ty

  39. are u here ???

  40. -cho tôi vào clan để học hỏi kinh nghiệm war hall 9 với. vn à

  41. will it still work if i put the cc in the place of dark elixer storage ?

  42. i think easy queen walk + govaho that base get 3 star

  43. bro you should at least replace the skeleton trap which is in ground mood . cause one can easily lure out the cc and skeleton trap at a time

  44. Nice jack

  45. awesome… its gonna be my first th 9 war base :D

  46. bro nice base i didn't understand one thing, why is the cc is not in the middle? there is a point for that? cuse if it was on the middle in the place of the de storage it would be harder to get the cc troops out

  47. hey thanks for the base asap because I think nobody has still uploaded th9 war base with bomb tower thanks!

  48. nice jack