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  1. Not looking forward to events. A huge cash grab to be honest. 

  2. When I downloaded it on my ipadvit said it does not support my setup or something like that

  3. Great interview ash! The developer perspective made for an interesting look behind the game and the driving inspiration behind it. Very cool! ?

  4. lmao still garbage sorry. Supercell mobile games should stick to these types of games idgaf

  5. This game sucks no h8 pls

  6. not gonna lie i have been eyeing this game love the Genre!

  7. That thumbnail looks like FusionFall ._.

  8. First lol.


  9. I cant wait to for you to show some content!

  10. Looks cool Ash. Thanks for doing this

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  12. Ash..pls show me a good arena 3 deck…

  13. I am lvl 17 in Transformers Earth wars

  14. More than meets the eye!
    The Transformers 1986 movie was the first time I cried during a cartoon

  15. Ash think you can do a good miner deck soon? Just got the card and wanna see how to use it! 🙂 checked out manu's video about it but it still didn't seem to click to me.

  16. like number 4 ???

  17. First dislike

  18. Deckii

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  21. 4

  22. 2

  23. First lol

  24. Hi