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ULTIMATE TOWN HALL 8 FARMING BASE in Clash of Clans! (CoC Best TH8 Hybrid/Trophy Base)

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  1. coc is gonna die after clash royale global

  2. Does this base work

  3. HEY .. ECHLIPSE BRO IM A BIG FAN OF UR's !! can u take me in yr clan?? im low lvl'd bt plz try, bt i aint a noob bro i got 80 xp !! plz bro reduce trophy to 1400 so i can join! plz bro fast!!ur damn fuckin awesome bro 1000 likes frm my side!! keep it up

  4. please make a th7 dark elexir base (hybrid) pls

  5. Thanks Broo

  6. th9 farming ok ty

  7. watta base..whooooa..nice

  8. hi , i have a th10 base that has yet to be 3 starred by a th 11 and would like to show you if you wanted had the base for 3 weeks now

  9. cool an you teach me that

  10. Loving that base 😀
    Thanks Eclihpse

  11. thx for a base I needed a new one

  12. Nice vid! :)

  13. th 9 farming base please

  14. Great base, shared video with clanmates they love it. Thanks for the awesome content

  15. wow nice base make another th8 hybrid base

  16. Awesome

  17. You might as well make a music channel…

  18. this base is a ok base i just tried it out and the person how only attack got a one star and he only took 100,000 each in gold and elixer

  19. I r8 8/8 m8, gr8 base…

    Wait did I ruin that moment?

  20. Hi can u make a TH 10 War Base?

  21. This base is very good

  22. Damn eclihpse back at it again with bases.

  23. ¥

  24. I always look forward to seeing your videos everyday. Im keeping this for when i get th8 (im th7 now) ???❤️❤️❤️

  25. maybe a th9 base ? 🙂 x)

  26. Eclihpse the type of nigga to fart in a toilet and flush it

  27. Hi Eclihpse Luv Your Vids

  28. I actually thought more about yesterday's loot video! You can upgrade a nice wall with those loot!

  29. I Was About To Make A Fine Brothers Joke But I Don't Know How They Would React To That.

  30. Did you read my suggestion and nice base!

  31. Make a clan