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Update is Here, but I’m not Here!!! – Let’s Clash #142 (Day 254-255)

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  1. Brandon? Can you please tell me what this series is all about?
    Is it just maxing walls or everything? It's looks more like you upgrade walls, then defense :)

  2. Why are you going back to Japan?

  3. wellcome to Vietnam :))

  4. hà nội vietnam

  5. Hey Brandon, i saw that you used my idea for the like thing with the old and new walls, can you confirm it was my idea? that would be really cool :D

  6. Nice vid Brandon

  7. hi Brandon,how do you always get such a loot ..

  8. I love your videos. They're quick, analytic, and you get the point across while giving us relevant game footage. I'm excited to see your progress in Town Hall 11!

  9. when your boosting to donate, is it better to donate giants ir barbarians? i donate giants. but if donating barbs is better plz tell me. thx


  11. Hi Brandon, you use them so often, why don't you upgrade archers and barbs to level 7?

  12. GG Bro Big GamePlay ;)

  13. and my name is shiraz In the clan and the clash hope you join it

  14. Brandon I make clan it name is Brandon party join it #LGLR8J8J join and donate in it it will be req n leave plz join

  15. Sinan 1453 TURK. Turklere saLdiran tum yabancilarin ana.sini skiyim. picLer

  16. brandon i was on vacation in hanoi and Ha Long Bae it is such a nice country with a lot of nice people do you agree?

  17. This update sucks giant cock, I just searched for 300k gold and coc forecaster said loot was decent, loot sucks they ruined the fucking game stupid money whores

  18. Hey brandon what do you think about farming after the update. I personally think it's better. I am not getting more loot than I would before the update but loot is fine all the time. so you don't have to farm in the midnight. Everyone has been raging and I would like to know what you think.

  19. Brandon, farming seems like it sucks at th10 after this update (I was doing about the same loot as you with gibarch before), could you please put out a guide or show a few raids how you're getting loot now? Thanks, love your video as always!

  20. SOS un grande Brandon