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Update is Near!!! – Let’s Clash #141 (Day 252-253)

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  1. in master league, do you get many resources??

  2. That base at 1:55 i ha e attacked before

  3. The Update is near? The Update is here!

  4. now that the update become the loot is huge

  5. brandon…Why you don't th11?

  6. Wow man, I found your channel a couple of days ago, and your videos are all that I've been watching, awesome content thanks (y)

  7. Brandon , Thanks for the tip that clan hopping and donating is better than staying in a request and leave clan!
    I was level 47 (im th6) for many weeks and using this tip i got 5 lvl ups in single day!! How crazy is that anyway thanks brandon hope you get 10 million donation and lvl 400 and 1 million subscribers since you are a awesome youtuber! Thanks if you are reading this that is!

  8. So far farming has been so easy with this update 1.5-3x Easyer to find good raids

  9. How did you go to master league? can you please make a video about it?

  10. Found a lot of these bases 3:21 during the golden hour

  11. ur soo lucky i cant find much loot im th8

  12. r u upgrading th11?? on any account

  13. Hey man is it possible for a th9 no defence base to join your clan have nearly max th7 troops and valks still haven't got heroes but progressing quick?

  14. Hey Brandon! Are you going to gem you main account(Brandon) or just farm th 11 Thx if you reply back

  15. Aren't u gonna do videos of u getting to th11

  16. Hi Brandon I always watch ur videos u motivated me to donate a lot right now am in lev 69 th7 maxed am trying to reach 75

  17. Hi brandon.
    Do you think Supercell will bring back the lightning wall in Th11?. Also do you think it fits the theme of the townhall?

  18. Why are you upgrading your walls only?

  19. 5:24 ive seen youbposted that in IG ^^

  20. Brandon how many year it take to get lvl 320 and why I say I'm your subscriber you sayed meo