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UPDATE. Queen POP LaLoon vs POPULAR “The Tailor” base. TH9 3 Star War Attack

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  1. Nice man .. i'm not the best queen pop laloon attacker but i've never yet fail with it .. thx cast

  2. How do u release loons… Is it 2 finger use? I am using only finger and I often get late in releasing loons.. Can u demonstrate the technique?

  3. I showed my friend the concept of queen pop. He went in on max d th9, sloppy deployment, he forgot to zap quake, so did that late, but still got the triple… Ironically, I tried it on next base after him, failed one star 80% -__-
    I dropped loons too late.

  4. Why would you queen pop this??? Goho on the tailor is pretty much a ritual by now, everyone knows how.