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Update Recap + Effects on War – Clash of Clans

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  1. 3 starring th9s without scouting them is the most satisfying thing ever lol

  2. th8 isn't already broken, its supposed to be easy, just a little warm up for th9. Its fine how it is.

  3. I think the time commitment for friendly batted was intended. Now there is something to keep you online for hours at a time, while people with time crunches can still play casually

  4. Can u make me a account on clash of clans I want to restart but I don't know how

  5. What to get first: skeleton spell or baby dragon? I'm a TH9 war player.

  6. btw spring trqps wont affect hogs or 5 housing space troops…only 18 is the max spring trap capacity

  7. i am really happy with this update tbh,Enjoying rn….nice video!