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UPDATED TH8 GoHo Attack Strategy! (March 2016 Update)

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  1. CQOTD : hi dan i am a huge fan and i wanted to ask you a question on behalf of so many people living here in a country like Nepal where we don't have paypal or credit cards or online payment systems and to make it worse apps like cash for apps app nana or any other gift redeemable apps don"t even work and have no offers to download.. can you help me by advising me how to get some gems just enough to get the 5th builder as i am going to th9 soon and i need to start building everything. please help me.

  2. Thank you for making these vide they really help me during war.

  3. honestly since the last update when we making clan wars for Th 8/Th7. the opponent no.1 and no2 is Th9 ? so unfortunately this update stopped our streak winning?

  4. 5th

  5. Thx

  6. Ferst

  7. Ferst

  8. hey its is manik pls reply