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Upgrading to TH10 in Clash of Clans

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  1. here's my favorite part. 5:41

  2. Fantastic. I start upgrading to th10 tomorrow (queen needs to go last lvl). Ty for your good videos. Im glad to experience same situation and can learn the things you learn by your videos. Great Job Jake, best anouncement ever! :D

  3. nice. the ipad giveaway still avalaible? ? good luck on yr journey at th10. ???

  4. Best video ever I love this Jake

  5. Great video jake! You taught me how to three long ago. Since then I made it to the big clans like mathmatica rising honor the black lodge (before they went dark side) so much fun th9 was. Now it's been a month since I made it to th10. All the changes made it so easy for three stars so I moved up. Hope u can now teach me how to three at th10 : )

  6. May I ask y your upgrading th ? Just bc u are maxed it bc of war ?

  7. Oh my god…. where there tears in my eyes?….

  8. Jake no!! ?

  9. best YouTube video ever made. best of luck at th10 Jake!

  10. This video made me emotional lol Gl jake

  11. smh….wtf is that music. bwhahahaaahaa

  12. geez finally! I was TH8 when I started watching and now I'm deep into th11.

  13. I had to punch a baby in the face to feel my manhood again after this video

  14. TH9 has been the most fun i've had in the game

  15. Wow those were the old days 1 year and 3 months since i subscribed in your channel, damn jake thank you for all that knowledge you shared with your viewers, have been a ninja viewer in your channel and still enjoying your content.
    Thank you man you changed my clash career awesome and may you suck less at th 10

  16. im so sad

  17. nooooooooooo

  18. ???

  19. ? good luck Jake.

  20. Amazing vid and amazing Song Love it?

  21. Yeah, you go, Jake!

  22. Dude chill its just th9.5.

  23. RIP