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Vainglory – BARON BEATDOWN. (Ranked)

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  1. He's an idiot at vainglory I'm freakin POA silver and that just made my mind blow

  2. Hey I just made my first vainglory montage, if you have time you should check it out, thanks

  3. Vainglory its the best game, but clash royale and clashofclans best for child.

  4. Just some constructive criticism that you won't see… You need to work on your positioning. Barons place during a fight is lobbing mortars from max range at the closest enemy it's safe to hit, not being in the middle of the enemy team. Hope this helps :)

  5. What region

  6. You should play some league of legends or maybe you do :P

  7. what was that loading screen before the match? I have a different one on my phone. Is it some kind of a different Vainglory?

  8. What rank are you atm?

  9. "my name is chef pat"

  10. Nice to see you playing VG ! I've been playing for more than a year and you just showed me I could put your items top left haha thanks I think it's gonna really help with me hitting my reflex blocks.

  11. whats with the "shit" face on your thumbnail?

  12. great video pat but tbh those thumbnails are so cringeworthy ?

  13. Wanna play ign Jake9899
    Sea sever
    Lv 30
    Win 500 and above
    Ranked tier 7

  14. This is moms yt but ayyyy I'm on YouTube XD yaaaaay. xXzatchbellXx is legit me I kid you not

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  16. hey pat ! show the whole fucking game ! dont cut it. !

  17. Do not keep going playing the stupid Vain Glory

  18. Hey Pat, wanna play sometime? :D

  19. Now I know why u play bots lol

  20. Don't you think the facecam is too small?we don't want to see you in vg vids

  21. Baron is so nice to just rocket the tower constantly , without even fighting the enemy laner

  22. As a good VainGlory player it pained me watching your skillshots with Baron's A ability

  23. chief pat do a new video like skeleton deck in clash royale exaple put there giant skeleton, new skeleton spell, skeletons, and other skeleton cards.

  24. Yay I play VG and liked that u play it

  25. Post Full length videos !!

  26. Baron is a crap hero in my opinion because it's hard to predict where the enemies gonna walk, the only advantage Baron has is its range. Burst damage sucks

  27. Pat why don't you just have uncut videos of the whole match instead of the highlights?

  28. I enjoy the VG content man. Wish I had more time to play it. Find these videos a nice break from the usual CR stuff from time to time. Keep it up!

  29. Plz

  30. Just tried to request you pls acept

  31. You are still such a noob!! :vvv

  32. add me

  33. my name is GXKKPXM

  34. keep playing VG pls I'm here for it :D

  35. "CHEF!?"

  36. What shit is this game , just go to play league of legend

  37. Just make lol videos please

  38. Btw pat, you can use Baron's B to leave Ardans ult

  39. make a clash royale video ((:!

  40. I thought the thumb nail was weird BEFORE I went to the comments

  41. In the thumb nail you look like you getting you dick sucked lol

  42. the faces you make for the thumbnail are inspirational

  43. this is LoL ripoff :(

  44. Anybody knows if the patch to fix vainglory on iphone 5 running ios 10 is out?

  45. He's just trash…

  46. when you nut but she keeps sucking… thumbnail xD