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Vainglory – GWEN! New Hero Gameplay

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  1. chief try to play mobile legends

  2. Against bots with no armor rip lol

  3. i just downloaded the game and i played jungle on other moba games but the jungle os out of bounds in this game?

  4. omg that ass!!!

  5. Wha I never know that they added her…

  6. ur build was fine great vid pat btw can u make a ringo vid try him out

  7. Hey ChefPat, Im a huge fan of Vain Glory and a huge fan if ur channel, but I never see u on for VG. I have been in ur friends list for like 2 months and I never got a chance to play with u ? ( except for once, but i didn't even know u had accented me as a friend until I saw my name in ur vid…)

  8. Yeahh… unsubbing this channel, sorry mate, I can't get behind these mobile trash games anymore. It's such a fucken scam and I can't help but feel sad for anyone spending money on them.

  9. #morevainglory!!

  10. yeah vainglory

  11. This is a leaugue of legends rip off… likenif you agree

  12. gwen is female ringo. two slows,speed, and snipes. both heroic perks increase damage

  13. he is play against bots

  14. More of this game please

  15. who want add me in vainglory my skill 5 bronze my ign : XxAzozxX

  16. ChefPat, I can't find you in EU…

  17. Vanglory=lol the game

  18. First time I played Gwen I went like 2/2/3. Next time I went like 13/1/4. If you get the timing she's gnarly.

  19. Get 2 tyrants ^^

  20. Such aa scrape off league of legends

  21. play online plz

  22. Never Moba mobile is mobile legendes

  23. mobile legendes is good

  24. first dislike

  25. Yay more vainglory! :D

  26. You're almost as strong as me! 😉 gg I hope to be able to face you one day or play with you even if i'm lvl max xD

  27. omg!!! 700 views