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Vainglory – Learning Blackfeather from a PRO! (feat. ShinKaigan)

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  1. 1st and 2nd abilities are switched the 2nd ability is the 1st and the 1st is the 2nd

  2. Love the vainglory vids pat keep it up

  3. Can you make a EU account please? Nice video!

  4. hello. I'm just starting a vainglory channel and i would appreciate it if you left me some feed back. i am aware this is a bad way to advertise however i am not sure of any other way, so sorry if it offends you. thanks

  5. Pat try mages and minions, it is probs the best rpg/strat game out there atm. Developers r currently working on a pvp system like diablo 2.

  6. Yes thank you play with skraaf

  7. Hey Pat! Can you do a League of Legends Gameplay? Would really make my day!

    Do more of this !!(:

  9. whats your name in kamcord chief?tell it in your video

  10. شباب اشتركو بقناتي

  11. I just saw you vs gaming with molt

  12. more of this please!! i want to see you use taka

  13. Your face is ugly with a beard :/ srry get your beard cut :3

  14. damn! shinkaigan!! directly from one of the best players!! you should do a collab with bentimm1 and rumblysuperset.

  15. Sub to me and I'll sub back. Comment when done.

  16. what happened to lets play clash royale

  17. I personally like building tornado trigger before breaking point but overall gj pat ??

  18. why dont you do any clash of clans videos anymore

  19. Give me a call out

  20. Hey Pat Do you want to play some Vainglory sometime? I happen to be the around the same tier level you are in. I never see you playing so I don't get a chance to play! Also maybe you could hook me up with those pros like Shinkaigan wink wink.


  22. More vain glory please.

  23. Wow I just realized anyone can join his clan he changed it it use to be like 2600 trophies I think aw man but his clan is full :(

  24. That mustache tho!

  25. OH I SHOULD'NT HAVE DONE THAT! That expression though ?

  26. Hey chief pat I'm a big fan and I've been watching u for a long time I was wondering if I could join your clan in clash royale I'm lvl 4 and I have 529 trophies my username is bas3b41 is that too low lvl for u cause I would really like to join your clan please

  27. on

  28. awesome attack ob molto chief on royal

  29. Definitely trying blackfeather after this

  30. vainglory on pc is not too hard. i blame bluestacks