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Vainglory | NEW HERO GWEN CONFIRMED! – Gwen Teaser Footage

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  1. You Know If Miss Fortune Is Coming To The Halcyon Fold… Then When Is Ahri Going To Come Out

  2. I swear that Gwen is trying to kill Taka…

  3. Love how benn literally puts no effort into his vids anymore….. He just waits to do short junk like this

  4. She must be ringo wife or daughter :0

  5. Gwen I think she will be amazing with that guns !!

  6. Bentimm pls do an all crucible ringo with boots.

  7. The lore said that she was ringo's girlfriend

  8. I don't care about all these random heroes just give me Malene T3 Taka and Petal and then I'll be satisified

  9. Sooo op nerf pls

  10. Love your vide

  11. Why can they already make a new hero, and give Samuel, Lyra and Lance new skins. Yet Petal, and Taka can't get T3, and Ozo has no skins at all. Just give them a skin already.

  12. when is the update

  13. Maybe She Does CP Dmg

  14. Especially dat dragon gun

  15. I buy heroes with guns/pistols only

  16. I'm gonna buy her,totally buying her.

  17. It looks like their remaking heroes and changing the gender.

  18. well i would love to see a samurai dude in vainglory, ?

  19. Still waiting for that Ozo skin

  20. Go check out vainglory feed on Twitter u will find Gwen spotlight and abilities

  21. If you look at the gwen gameplay leak, she is a melee-ranged hero while ringo is a far-ranged hero. Her ultimate has a short cooldown and deals not quite a lot of damage unlike ringo. Imo, ringo is better

  22. Ringo but female……

  23. Ringo x Gwen

  24. Why there is the Music of destiny in the background

  25. Fuck ton of ranged and roam Heroes, where my jungles at?

  26. Waiting for kestrel tier 2

  27. ben her abilitys is A a cone shot B a buff like speed and atk speed i think C throws a card (not sure what it really does)

  28. GUYS saddest b uile for vox serpants mask and 3 tonado triggers with boots thank me laater trust me its crazy

  29. GUYS saddest b uile for vox serpants mask and 3 tonado triggers with boots thank me laater trust me its crazy

  30. New heroes new heroes new heroes where…is…SKIN…on…TAKA ????

  31. Need more assassins in game
    There`s only 3 assassins