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Vainglory – WEAPON POWER SAMUEL! New Hero Samuel Gameplay vs Bots!

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  1. Need very hard

  2. Ben, very hard is still really easy. i thought it would be a lot harder. i'm sure you can too :):):):):)

  3. +Vainglory – BenTimm1 the tags you put have nothing to do with the video

  4. You know what he look like avallach from the witcher 3

  5. ben, can i ask you some tips for solo que to be Vainglorious? im currently on tier 7 the hotness and im too scared to even play ranked again, i trust my ringo to do the job as always but still… is it possible?

  6. Ooooooo ahit ben it a Green Bay packers fan ooooo shit im a fan too bro

  7. Very hard is still very easy

  8. lol before when i was rly bad and got rekt in a match i would play bots and anal them just to feel gud

  9. I don't think you don't know how much I love this channel Ben just don't focus on the negative people there always will be haters you can't be perfect

  10. Well Ben I guess we are enemies now ? jk but vikings for life

  11. Go pack go

  12. Why no tension bow?

  13. how does he have Samuel it's not out yet :O

  14. Ben, no!!!! The Packers?! Haha I enjoy the videos man, keep up the good work!

  15. ตัวใหม่โครตน่าเล่น

  16. Samuel vs vox

  17. 17:50 he says Lance XD

  18. 17:47 "What do you think about weapon power lance?"

  19. what lvl are you?

  20. Hi Ben could you pls try out this Taka build :
    -halcyon Chargers
    Last two are optional
    I know this build is werid if you look at it but I played some Matches and pretty mich Destroyer enemy Teams because of the cooldown and the Auto attacks

  21. Way better than a 1v1

  22. Hello, I am a Korean boy nohyeonjun. In Korea but it is updated quickly for me this stuff. Bain is writing I was Roy, a video taken for so exciting.

  23. good ??

  24. why don't the turrets automatically attack you when in range and there is no minions like in public matches? there is the delay in this match like I remember there being before

  25. Mmm……. What about a RoamerTank Reim?

  26. That give you to practice now?

  27. "Weapon Power Lance"

  28. 17:49 weapon power lance

  29. Go bears -3-

  30. Wow seriously people got mad over that? I shouldn't be surprised since it's the internet. I'm just happy to see a little bit of the new hero.

  31. Don't get so discouraged fam! We don't hate you for not knowing Samuels heroic perk. Don't get discouraged by the people who tell u not to do pokemon go channel. Why do nobody understand how important money is to you?

  32. If you guys Rubix cube sub me