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Vainglory with Chief Pat Part 1

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  1. Nw4 is a clan belonging to a dev and nakedpink is a dev, red name

  2. Wow I never watch these vian glory vids and I just watched this one and it's so confusing

  3. Hell yeah!

  4. Gave in and finally downloaded this game. It's beautiful, although perhaps a little steep on the learning curve. Would love to see a coffee and vain vid, really think that could help new players like myself. Long term clash watcher :)

  5. Lets hope that the devs put all the servers together

  6. that naked pink streams on twitch. I think she's called naked lettuce there.

  7. Yo Jake! While you're brainstorming with SEMC, can you suggest a post-game stat for damage dealt and absorbed? It'd be helpful (and give some credit) to players that do lots of heavy lifting but don't get many kills to show for it.

  8. Who's TMV in vain glory? Just destroyed some TMV players in ranked 31-9.

  9. Did Chief Pat use protection before he rekt that anus?

  10. You know I had to like before watching

  11. Great video Jake/Pat. It's awesome to see some vain glory gameplay from two clash youtubers

  12. This should help ur channel good…

  13. I was wondering if you guys would collab on vg and here it is! Great to see it :)

  14. Why is one of the opponents name in red? I remember I saw this happen on another VG video (on a different channel) and it was a developer or something for SEMC. Is that the reason?

  15. Coffee and clash question. Jake, can chief Pat and yourself walk up to Supercells front door ask them to repair the game? That would be my ideal remedy. Unfortunately Supercell would just say " Hey guys sorry we are working on it, and get back to you in 3 months".

  16. Nice to see such video , didn't he bad mouthed you or was it only galadon and this other olld guy ?

  17. Dream team! <3

  18. 6:15 cmon jake stick with ur team, its not worth the chase if you expose your carry that much :^)

  19. Don't forget about Samsung! Definetely playing his part!

  20. I have no idea what I'm watching but looks fun lol glad to see you and pat doing a video together

  21. Jake chief and hulk VG team!

  22. Sweet to see collaboration between you two!

  23. It's cool to see you two doing stuff together. Chief Pat is one of very few Clash YouTubers who I can even stand. Good stuff. #JakeOneHive4President

  24. You guys see that? If im correct 2/3 people ran AP and krul still
    Manages to wreck? How is he not OP? Sure you can invade due to his early
    Game being very weak but once he starts gettin kills and such he becomes a monster. Jake built FoR and an AP thats still wasnt enough but damn that fucken krul. Great job jake and pat.

  25. pat; "it doesn't matter i farmed to champions"
    hahahah that was a good way to end.

  26. "Special Guest"… Jake you LEGEND!!!

  27. Jake be careful with chief pat and your influence on him 😀 talkin bout clash

  28. Happy for you jake. Pb shouldve been here and invited to cali too

  29. yas

  30. waiting on the hulk and Jake game :)

  31. Had no idea what was going on who was who but good game

  32. GG – See you this weekend!

  33. good match!! nice seeing famous guys playing vainglory! Jake, pls add the full match video ✌

  34. i have no idea whats going on,but looks like a good game

  35. Wow jake I going to blow up now! Congrats

  36. I'm looking for a guild. Doesn't have to be high level, just active. I'm currently lvl 20 and in skill tier 4. I haven't joined a guild yet, so I don't know much about them, just looking for some guys to play with.

  37. Oh my chief pat

  38. This title made me so happy.

  39. GG Jake. Always like watching good back and forth action.

  40. Awesome!

  41. Love the Catherine look

  42. woooooo

  43. You PB and Pat, play Vain together!!!!

  44. Two great youtubers together, equals one amazing video!

  45. OMG YES, I love to see ppl from clash community playing vg

  46. I wish you, PB and Pat did a clash collaboration