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VALK UPGRADE BEGINS! – Clash of Clans – Farming for Maxed Valkyries

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  1. Idiot you could of droup the earth on the th and Just gem idc

  2. CQOTD: How does your actual base look?

  3. I don't care if you use gems on time but don't get resources

  4. Gem it

  5. CQOTD when will you get up to legend league?

  6. Yes valks


  8. Use your show base 1 in war

  9. Just farm them

  10. Yes wite gem dem valks so we can see you wreck bases with them

  11. soory supercell


  13. gem them to max

  14. Its funny because Im only a town hall 6 and i almost always have more than 500,000 in loot…

  15. CQOTD do you think that it would be a good idea if superscell were to put the baby dragon from clash royal into clash of clans ?

  16. Hey mistlc 7 can you maxed out your valkarie and show me some of your attack with maxed valkary

  17. MYSTLC7 I love your vids. I have a broken ankle and I can't do much of my fav things. You have kept me entertained eversince. I really need a way to say thank you so much. ??????

  18. CQOTD: Will you ever open your royal clan to subs?

  19. Jem

  20. Hey guys! Im a new clash of clans youtuber and I just uploaded a new video! If you could go check it out and leave a like/subscribe I would really appreciate it. Thanks :D

  21. Nice clash with cam joke

  22. is there a th 9 version of your showbase wite? please let me know if you do anyone. thanks

  23. GEM !

  24. your at 950000 subs now