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VALKYRIE MADNESS!? Are Valks the new Witches in Clash of Clans? [Ps, nice to be back!]

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  1. yay, good to see ya

  2. Welcome back bro, sorry about your loss! hopefully you feel better man.

  3. Just faced this war clan and their top th9 spammed 22 valks on our 2 best th9 base designs and 3 starred both of them with 4 heals and zero skill :I

  4. Sorry for your loss… Btw keep up the good work!

  5. welcome back Ash

  6. good to see u back man….

  7. You're back!! Love those videos, Was concerned you died of that mutation you told us about in the Behind the Mic video :D

  8. wait your brother passed…I subbed to day I watched your videos before but I subcribed to day now I feel bad about your brother so…sorry

  9. sorry to ask, but how did his bro die


  11. Welcome back man

  12. Glad to see you back! You go through quite a lot in your life but may you persevere through it all :)

  13. Great Video!

  14. sorry bro for ur lost stay strong much love

  15. Great vid ash, good to have you back

  16. don't nerf valks or witches, just nerf the warden!

  17. hey Tim, I just want you to know brother we will always be there for you! only wish for the best!!!!

  18. Good to see you back, my condolences about your brother my friend

  19. You're the best Ash. Happy you're back. My condolences to you and your family.

  20. welcome back brother. I'm a little upset at the complete nerf of the witch, now its a pointless troop lol.

  21. Ash, just use balks instead of witches and you can still aq walk

  22. my condolences, i am now finding out. i know from the little i know your a strong individual and as before my condolences again. keep up the good work on the other hand.

  23. I use govahog on th10 and I get high % 2star sometimes epic 3 stars or epic fail ?

  24. Welcome back sir. Hope you're well.

  25. How did Unity Elite (a modding clan) lose to your clan?

  26. Stay strong ash

  27. Still praying for you and your family ash

  28. Welcome back ?

  29. Hey ash this is hulk from north remembers just wanted to say I'm glad your back and so is the north family

  30. Glad ur back!

  31. Yay he is back!!!!!

  32. So happy to hear from you.