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  1. Goes through the walls like butter? lol work on your metaphors a little bit but I understood what you were saying, nice video!

  2. that was legit nice video very useful :)

  3. Better get some defensive cc loons

  4. nice .. man !!! maxx valky attack later update !! dimmi ;)

  5. Shhh!!

  6. Strange, that buff doesn't look significant if we only look numbers.

  7. GadiHH this is off topic. i just became TH9 and have archer queen going to lvl8.. i 3stared a maxed defense TH8 base with a lvl6 and lvl7 Super Queen. i used 5 maxed healers.. i also 80% and 70% mid lvl TH9 base. with lvl7 Queen walk.. so im here to prove you can queen walk with low lvl6 and 7 Queen and be able to take out maxed TH8 and mid lvl9s i also 50% a Max TH9. Queen never died time ran out.. i believe you need maxed out healer like i had when queen is low lvl.. she was hit by 3 TH8 point defenses and 2 mortars and health never droped below half..

  8. my man love the content, th10 next

  9. this new air defense design is just …. ehhh .. shit

  10. uff Las acabo de subir a lvl 4 ? Tenía mucha ilusión de usarlas, ya que siempre veía que en tus videos arrasaban! Y ahora les han mejorado el aspecto de ataque? Excelente. ¡Saludos desde Panamá!

  11. Anyone else pee onto the side of the toilet, to not make any noise?

  12. Air def looks gay .-.

  13. your on the clash Royal TV that's how I found this guy

  14. Have you tried adding 1 or 2 haste spells instead of the poison? If they are in a large group and not beating through walls at the moment, they seem to profit a lot from it. The difference now is that with the shorter spin time only a few valks start attacking a building while the other ones continue walking.

  15. awesome job haha. I done a mass balk in war.. way overkilled it 😉 keep up the great work.have great day

  16. Wow. They are op. Will be th10 in a couple days. Should I up valks to lvl5 first (only really care about war)? Or will Supercell nerf them?

  17. We want the old air defense design!

  18. Nice vid, thx Gadi – tried the mass valk (your raiding comp with 17 valks) a few times in war, wrecked the base but ran out of time 2/5 times. Was wondering how the update affected, cheers for the quick work!

  19. I definitely think supercell is gonna nerf them unfortunately, really fun troop to use, the valkyries are

  20. don't forget checking the guide

  21. It cant stay like that imo, or the game will be boring in a week. But ill try it lol

  22. damn why you teaching people tactics for noobs? we want skilled attackers and not lucky raids

  23. Yeah, insane af! Been wrecking th9s without my queen all day with valks.

  24. As th9 in champ 1 I can almost always 2 2 a max th10 now or just 3 a th9

  25. great video