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  1. Wait Robert I Know Jeff Is There But Were Is Cam???And Tell Whos Older And Younger?

  2. You seriously deserve more subs. Really good attitude and you make videos fun to watch ?

  3. dude that sounded great

  4. What happened to uploading every day

  5. QOTD: What bizarre or funny thing have you seen or heard? jokes work too. :)

  6. Faze recruitments are out! You should try out (:

  7. im making a new channel called nova rage and what software u guy edit with

  8. do this a lot i love vlogs

  9. lol im a fan i been watching ur guys for a long time

  10. Atta why don't you play Xbox for those who play Xbox one??

  11. are u on xbox one

  12. JUST DO IT!

  13. CQOTD are you ewer gana prank yore bros ?

  14. im taller than my 16 year old bro and im 13

  15. fucking dope rob loved it ??? ??

  16. CQOTFD Who is the oldest of the three brothers?

  17. nice vlogs dude and y Jeff jump through the bed

  18. @Atakski common question of the day. Do you get annoyed when people ask you about clash of clans

  19. Not feeling the blue hair.

  20. 1:35 "Leave comments down in the question" XD

  21. How old are your sibilings?

  22. CCOTD: hey rob have you ever thought of playing any other series like minecraft or clash like your brothers

  23. coments down in the question