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Walking War Robots [WWR] – CLANS – VØX and CNTI – When Death Buttons Don’t Work | ADRIANNNNNN

Another clash with our rivals over at CNTI. Ever had one of those games where it seems like your weapons just aren’t doing any damage? Here’s one of those …


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  1. please play on Raijin

  2. Is the death button is the red circular one?

  3. i nickname the rdb "an person who's rude to everybody"
    seriously it's a great bot to have especially against rhinos or plainly light bots in general

  4. Can u make a video on the robots u never use?

  5. u answer me Adrian Chong?,because I can't see wat u said

  6. Griffin,Leo,GI. Patton,two Natashas,four Cossacks,Destrier,Vityaz,Schutze and Boa

  7. ok,I have 5 spots but I wish I have da 6 spots

  8. I have saved up 1200 gold .I have a fujin with 2 orks and I am thinking of getting my. 3rd ork. Or getting a gepard,but I only have 1 aphid and thinking of getting more .I can run it with pinatas also.What should I get?

  9. Adrian Chong?,I have 5 spots of robots and they're 6 but wich robots I must use on dat 5 spots?,I'm asking cuz I have some robots dat are good but idk wich one it is da good one

  10. will u do a qna?

  11. Adrian should I get a fujin or get a 2nd rhino ?

  12. I have a question, in your opinion, what is the best workshop points robot? I have 16000 ws points, and can buy any robot.

  13. Adrian whats the Max damage of a trebutchet?

  14. adrian challenge you / sms equips a rhino with hydra and spirals

  15. Congrats on 11k subs! What are you aiming for next? 20k?

  16. I finally got my second orkan and completed my Rhino DB, but what should I work on getting next? I'm thinking I might get a third orkan, but I'm not really sure.

  17. Which weapons should I use with my fujin?? ( weapons which requires only sliver to buy them) ??

  18. Hey Adrian remember me!? Btw nice vid <3

  19. Hey Andriannnnnn should i buy Tridents or Trebuchets for my Raijin?

  20. How many Fujins do you have? I thought that you only had one, but some of my squad mates saw you use 4.

  21. I don't buy because it is like cheating why buy golds but fight bots like a man, I could use some of my money in Wwr but I don't actually have to.

  22. guess what? I just got an 18 kill game! it was fun :D

  23. hey Adrian! can you please tell me how to get the squad thing to work? It's only me and a friend. do I need more than 2 players in the ques?

  24. should i upgrade the cossack or the griffin

  25. Adrian, I often see players with their weapon hardpoints that are nothing but black smoke, do you know what's causing this? And who would win a knife fight, Rogatka or Fūjin

  26. People really underestimate the fujin. No one has it. Its a really good bot it just takes practice and caution. Dont approach anyone with a lot of energy weapons unless they have low health. Any non-energy weapons can barly break through you shield for half a second

  27. When I go buy something with real money is only carrying but numca purchase comes I wanted to buy 14,000 gold

  28. when do u use pintas and orkams on rhino adrian

  29. Rhino or Raijin

  30. Adrian my phone is fixed and I can talk during your live streams 🙂 again

  31. What Happens When you dont have enough silver to repair?

  32. do I pick a carnage or fujin

  33. Olie = The MAN

  34. Stupid olie noob he go for beacon no fight

  35. I try to pick up what I can from your videos, as you're great in one, but do you have any specific tips for using the RDB?

  36. Hey, I have 4 slots:
    1. Plasma Rhino
    2. Boa thunder/punisher
    3. Griff Death Button
    4 Griff Russian Death Button

    What should I save for? I also have 1100 gold.

  37. wow you see 11000 subs yey

  38. wwr needs a lot of bugs fixed….clan menu dosnot show properly…. after finishing a battle chat log or team members take too long to show up again….. friends online talking being shown as offline…. i think this game is very popular now for sure but still android users facing this problem… dont know abut iso….