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WALL BREAKER DESTROYS TOWN HALL | Clash of Clans | Legends Push CoC

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  1. so close to one mil

  2. You forgot the cqotd

  3. some times when u say ( this is so bad) u sound like ur bro Jeff and Jeff sound like u when he said that

  4. Hello

  5. Can you not? you're stupid AF if you think that we think that you miss place those spells by "accident" because either you're EXTREMELY fucking blind or have Parkinson or you're trying to 'amuse' someone

  6. 12041st ?

  7. Cam Sucks at attacking…

  8. +clash of clan wit cam cqotd why does clash of clans burn your battery fast

  9. cam if u were to be one troop in cc what would u be and why?


  11. cam I need help on attacking could you help me? I'm th7

  12. CQOTD: When are you going to start postige clash royal videos?

  13. Love u bro greatest player in my opinion

  14. You forgot to answer the CQOTD …

  15. Cam can you do a th7 farm and war base Plus. I'm counting on you mate??

  16. CQOTD: what was your favourite attack strategy at th7 (excluding drags) and what is your favourite strategy now?

  17. You forgot the cqotd

  18. #camsucksatmath

  19. # sorrycam#

  20. #rageandfrezefail#

  21. CQOTD: How can I join a feeder clan? I don't have Twitter and I can't get an account. Can you post clan openings on Instagram?

  22. Aw shoot, Cam took my idea of making a joke about him being in another Clash Tale of Achievery

  23. 21-1

  24. cam what is the best way to max th8?

  25. Clash achievery

  26. Bro you didn't even anwser the comment question of the day

  27. How do you get more offers in FreeMyApps

  28. hahahaha 00:4

  29. The rage spell alone would've killed the queen in that case

  30. #camsucksatattacking

  31. The new commercial: The legend of the savage ass wall breaker

  32. cam u didnt even have to drop one rage on the queen and j drooped two wtf

  33. OMG! SO close to 1 million!