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Want Your Attack on My Channel? – Yes Yes It’s Possible – Ed’s Bday Baby Special – Clash of Clans

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  1. ok thanks.. good th8 video

  2. Chief pat and co like to much the huge sc's dick I agree haha !!!  Hb Ed ! contents always fucking awesome thanks !

  3. Ed, i can't get my link to work it just comes up with this file cannot be opened 🙁 sorry i can't send anything in :(

  4. you have a nasty attitude towards everything

  5. Ed can you help me? i got a video to share and i do not know how to upload it. is it better for u to come to the clan to video it? th8 three star?

  6. Happy birthday ED Your Channel is fucking awesome ???

  7. I saw this guy on global so I checked his chanel his a beast at this game

  8. HBD bro :)

  9. Happy bday bro. Imo its ur bday but we still get ur videod as gifts haha.

  10. Feliz aniversario Ed ,

  11. I love this guy, i'm hispanic and i can barely speak english.. and i can baaarely understand this fucker's words but i love it, its too funny.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY tho..

  12. happy birthday, happy clashing

  13. Hb!

  14. HBD Ed .
    Big Fan :)

  15. Happy Birthday ED. Kick fucking ass today!!!!!!

  16. happy brithday ed! keep fu*k yeah hogiiiessss…

  17. Happy birthday

  18. Happy birthday! And I have a couple of 3 star attacks in war that I did in the past weeks. ;)

  19. happy bday idol????

  20. I use lavaloon with 4 baby dragons and 20minions… 2 rage, 1 heal and 3 hastes ? and on cc maxed loons. Try that some day. Im sorry that I cant record those replys ?

  21. Ed, what do you mean when you say patreon is content for super gemmers? What kind of content you offer over there that regular players cannot take advantage?

  22. Also my GF's bday. You have a lot in common. I spend too much time listening to you both haha

    Congrats bro

  23. happy birthday, make the best out of it!

  24. Happy Birthday Ed!!!! And btw is th10 lavaloon gameplay ok ?

  25. Happy birthday love your awesome videos ??

  26. Happy birthday! You are the man! (btw- I am a patreon) thanks Ed!

  27. Happy Birthdayy!!

  28. @clash_with_ed happy birthday from us clashers in the army

  29. Happy birthday Ed? ? Wish you have a blast party!! ? Enjoy

  30. Love your content man!Fan from India…Haters fuck yourself##

  31. Happy Birthday Ed? Cool Attacks. Y Watch all Time.

  32. How about clanwar attacks?

  33. Happy Birthday!

  34. Happy birthday ed!

  35. happiest birthday mate… party hard ?

  36. 3million subs??? lol u cant even reach 70k subs..

  37. Happy bday!

  38. H'ppY BirthD'Y bro

  39. Happy buvday Ed

  40. Congrats Ed :)

  41. Happy birthday 2 stars fuckers…oops 3 stars pony*

  42. happy birthday ed!

  43. happy birthday

  44. Happy b'day ED???

  45. Happy Birthday Ed!

  46. How do I record my screen

  47. Happy Birthday ed

  48. you sucks