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WAR OVERKILL! – Clash of Clans – Town Hall 9 VS Maxed Valkyries!

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  1. i want to join his clan but i don't have 4100 trophies´╗┐

  2. Wite does the HWD mean Hard White Dick?´╗┐

  3. CQOTD: What kind of drone do you have? I see it one your snapchat story and it looks pretty fucking cool. <3´╗┐

  4. CQOTD. Where do you see yourself in the gaming/YouTube world one year from now?´╗┐

  5. yes keep on doing them´╗┐

  6. Wite you should do more videos on your mini i enjoy seeing them´╗┐

  7. CQOTD: do you think that supercell will release a new big update because cam left supercell´╗┐

  8. CQOTD: Hey mystic have you heard of Mastermind's Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests Idea? If not I really recommend giving it a read; great idea that would completely change the game for the better.´╗┐

  9. coleson and wite are so alike
    both are my favourite??´╗┐

  10. Samantha said you had an achievement ! What was it?´╗┐

  11. you r great bro´╗┐

  12. The only person who still make Coc vids LOVE YOUUUUUU´╗┐

  13. CQOTD you think you will have the same reason to quit coc like Coleson and cam?? if u ever do´╗┐

  14. MORE WAR!´╗┐

  15. I'm in prep day in my war right now…its been a while

    My mirror us a TH5 (I'm an almost maxed TH7) one above me is a rushed TH6

    War matchmaking is going to shit´╗┐

  16. What app do you have to have to get only the screen recorder plz tell me?´╗┐

  17. CQOTD: Would you ever consider playing sports games like NBA2K,MADDEN,FIFA( ETC…)´╗┐

  18. people if u want to make clan tell me on my chanel and we will´╗┐

  19. CQOTD: If you were to make a gaming channel about one game what game Would it be and why?´╗┐

  20. I'm still uploading Clash of Clans videos every other day cuz I want the reputation for CoC to stay alive as long as possible´╗┐

  21. hehe you crazy are doing Bulling on TH 9.???´╗┐

  22. CQOTD: What is that damn notification for an achievement you have that's been there for the past few videos ?´╗┐

  23. CQOD: will you be doing more funny moments with Xbox 1 games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and gta and others´╗┐

  24. Cam will do coc on Thursdays but coc really sucks n is dead!´╗┐

  25. Did anyone sub to clashing with hue? Lol´╗┐

  26. +Cam Sucks at Gaming haha ?´╗┐

  27. Man fuck the bowler how ever tf you spell it man tf they only care about top the but not th8 and below I'm a th8 I still have a long way to go but coc is getting fucked up´╗┐

  28. CQOTD: How would you feel if the Valkries get nerfed´╗┐

  29. You use the same background music as slogoman and I don't think it fits your vids.´╗┐


  31. CQOTD: Do u think CoC next update should have in ur attack the troops that dint die should be in your army camp still ?´╗┐

  32. More clan wars´╗┐

  33. CQOTD: what do you think or do you have any ideas that can revive/make coc interesting and fun again? love ur vids bro, no homo´╗┐

  34. His loot can upgrade my whole base´╗┐