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War Recap #97 | Th9, TH10 & TH11 Raids | Clash of Clans

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  1. Olympus Kings lol NR has faced this clan before too

  2. Queen is still 17 at th9 so not quite there yet

  3. wouldn't a jump serve in place of the 4 EQ in the last raid?

  4. I know you mentioned that they are rushed, but why are they up against you then?!?!?! Supercell needs to consider hero and troops lvls much more than defenses.. My clan faces a lot of abusers with no defenses and lvl 10 heroes with TH9 troops and camps, 3 starring some of our TH9's and being under some TH7's too….

  5. That attack by SOLID certainly was solid, love the quakes to the core. Nice video!

  6. You have to change the smoke detector battery Matty.

  7. How come the language isnt set to english? Is english not your first language or something?

  8. Awesome attacks Matty! Love the Queen Walk <3