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War Recap – Bowler Walk, Hogs vs TH10 and More! – Clash of Clans

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  1. i wanna see some TH10 vs TH10 attacks

  2. Nice vid Aronos. Loved MJs goho. if i remember correctly you did an expert interview with ash on goho, would love to see some of your goho attacks if your still doing them.

  3. nice video man, love the th10 hog smash

  4. Great stuff Aranos! Bowler walk looked iffy but loved use of hogs at TH10. That attack was super creative. Keep it up!!

  5. AR, just a thought but in the future could you add in if the raids are virgin or clean ups (oh and also on the Golaloon raid he used 4 hounds… He snuck one in out of his cc that you missed) Tbh though it is so awesome to see both Hogs and Bowler Walks being used against th10s… The Warden definitely makes a lot of that possible. But I have to say that since he got nerfed (luckily not murdered like witches did RIP) it does require more skill to get him positioned right and ability timing…

    On a side note I bet you're glad you ended up breaking your refusal to upgrade valks.

    I refused to drop the coin (like Ash did *thank him btw for doing it) on gemming the de rax time, valk's time, Bowler's double upgrade de and time. Mainly because of the extremely long upgrade times, and the amount those add up to. It had to be close to $100 in gems for time alone (Outlaw was the only one who bit the bullet this time around). Because of this I'm sure SC will nerf them before I get to use them. Anyway… my Warden just hit 16, Valks will be done in a couple days and I got 1 de rax upgraded so game on… Keep up the good work brother

  6. I always love these war recaps and thanks for putting in a th9 too. Sometimes the lower town halls get over looked amidst the 10s and 11s

  7. Nice video aro! Great attacks!

  8. WOW That Ashlain guy is a stud!!!! Nice video! :P

  9. hey ill subscribe to you if you subscribe to me. nice video btw :)

  10. good stuff

  11. Hey man! Solid recap.