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War Recap & Tips | Desolation vs SpiderClan | Clash of Clans

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  1. hey Matty, do you think you could come visit my clan, BringersOfRain, for a few wars sometime? Level 10 constant war clan, but not super serious. A handful of us there watch a lot of your videos and it would be great to have you there.

  2. EWA Clan <3

  3. Love these war recaps man, KIU :)

  4. Nice video! I love the war recaps <3

  5. hi matty, love the fact your now doing more regular videos on th10 and 3 star strategy. I'm a near max th10 with just traps and walls remaining…my hero's are low (20 & 25) and wondering what to spend my dex on? just completed valk level 2 and have 100k dex. do I crack on with my AQ or get my valks/lvl6 hogs? thanks