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War Recap & Tips | Regenesis vs North Faction | Clash of Clans

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  1. nice recap matty, great variation of attacks

  2. hey matty, you should swing by Savage Sloots for a war or recap!

  3. Why so much hate?

  4. Step 1: Leave FPC, but say you won't mod
    Step 2: Join a mod-friendly clan
    Step 3: Match NF, who you lost to not so long ago but did not recap
    Step 4: Beat NF because your new clan is mod-friendly
    Step 5: Post recap revealing a lot of NF's bases
    Step 6 (Optional) : Use terrible wording when commentating e.g. "The purpose always is if you can exploit a base design well" when discussing raids from a mod-friendly clan
    Step 7: ?????
    Step 8: Profit?

  5. Hey Matty, love to war with you in Reddit Force, it's a RWCS clan.. pretty laid back clan with some great attackers (mostly TH9s).. I promise you will not have to play Toilet CoC 🙂 Just say you're bringing some "pizza" for Boom in the req 🙂 Love your vids btw

  6. Get some royale vids up Matty ?

  7. GG mods

  8. Why didn't you recap the war when EE lost to NF?

  9. You could come to 'IKonik'

  10. Matty left ee to go dark? Bummer

  11. Why are you showing war replays of modding clans?