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War Strategy in Clash of Clans

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  1. We have in our clan a war Stratagy were the leader puts up who to attack in war and we decide how to attack it

  2. How do those level 12 clans win so many? I know they are not common war clans, what do they do?

  3. War general.. So basically the leader? And when I'm off.. Co leader! ??

  4. My clan is trying out a war general and an attacking tier system in our AW this weekend. We lost our last AW by one star to MT cuz of lack of communication and we ended up not cleaning a few 9s. :(

  5. thx Jake this is very helpful

  6. i think skitch is gone now, they discontinued it…

  7. The way we do it for our nines is we have people who are assigned fresh hits and/or cleanups in a certain range, in a certain timeframe. Our bottom 5 hero level players are always assigned to fresh hit the bottom 10 within the first 6 hours of the war, the next 5 have the next 10 fresh hits. That way we save the big hero players for cleanups (by 8 hours left) as our shittiest hero player I hit in the bottom tier. If you're onehive and all of your players have 20+ heroes, you won't need these restrictions, just let people hit wherever. But we're not onehive, were bye forever. Find what works for your clan

  8. What my clan does is, we have our lower guys attack as early as possible
    Our top guys attack later on at around the 12 hour mark and later

  9. Wow compared to Onehive, my clan is unorganized as hell lol. We don't really hit our own numbers in the Th8 game it's sorta just hit whoever you feel confident about , idk, it's been working well, we got a winstreak of 27 going

  10. kick ass

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  12. Nice video jake, good content, my clan already follow these tips but I'm sure you'll help many others to get more competitive!

  13. Hello guys! I just wanted to say have an awesome day! If you have time, please go in and subscribe to my channel i will subscribe back! Cheers<3

  14. We just attack our mirrors and then clean up. We have no th11's in our clan and we don't want any. We're level 9 and doing just fine.

  15. War PwC

  16. My clan wins most of our wars. We use clash caller and all th8's need to get their attacks in by a certain time limit. When some one new wants to join we accept and immediately kick with a message saying "come back in 24hours" to eliminate all spies. It works well as we are 247-40 and on a 5 win streak. Clan is Junior Canada if anyone is interested.
    Name is SiriuS
    If you would like to join, don't be rushed th8+

  17. Jake, please pressure supercell to fix this engineered base thing. Our 10 person clan with 2 th10 matched with 3 th11 and 1 th10. One th11 was their 8 of 10. They have no defense but strong troops. We have no chance….th11s clean house. This is the new mod issue no supercell has to fix it.

  18. Jake man, yer talking oot yer arse when ye say that ye cannae 3* th10's right now. Am mid TH10 with level 30aq and 23 BK and am 3* some max TH10 bases, dinnae believe me then al show ye screenshots but honestly man you must be pretty crap considering ye huv far better hereos than me. Hink aboot that mate, mibi it's time to pack it in.

  19. What if the clan that I'm in does mostly gowipe and I'm the only that uses valks?

  20. 2:04 When Jake forgets how to fairplay.

  21. Am i the only one who likes beating my head against a wall, its satisfying

  22. whos onehives war general

  23. All these attacks were already shown. Jake getting sloppy with his channel now…

  24. Our war day starts at +/- 21.00 Members can call a base in chat, co's write it down in their whatsapp group and first reservation is valid till 24.00 Th8 need to attack asap before 12.00 next day and th9 asap before war ends.

  25. Great jake…. I love this video…. I will recommend my clan mates to watch this…. Great

  26. we have a line chat and in that we have a diblist. we can claim bases by copy pasting the list. works great

  27. Yo dude pls Check out The only video i Uploaded
    It Shows The acutal spring trap Bug

  28. Im scampie from BlackHexInc… and im thanking you jake, for helping us suck less.

    Jake im an almost maxed th9 that has been playing since the very beginning, and really appreciate what you do. Our clan has gone from gowipeing for two stars, to most everyone using varied attacks attempting for three stars because of this channel. We're still not great, but progress has been made; and the credit all goes to you my man. In turn… It has become way more fun for all of us over the years.
    Thank you

  29. Crazy Moving attack was already shown in another vid. dont remember which one but I think it was the recap itself

  30. Hey Jake, Lloyd, here. One of the original One Hive clashers. Incredible to see how your YouTube video channel has grown! I remember when you just started. I see you guys aren't on GroupMe anymore.
    Haven't been on Clash for a good year now, the game has seemed to change so much! Thinking about coming back and playing but let's see.

    The attacks have changed so much for GoWiWi and GoWiPe, those were the days. :). I must see if the forums recruitment page I started on Clash is still going.
    Any ways, nice to see your still around and going strong !

  31. 3:27 Did Jake just say something about Porta Potties?

  32. I think having a war general is the most important thing. In smaller wars a good war general can replace clashcaller and also male the attack plans for lower town halls.

  33. Y a des Français qui cherche un clan avec un bon level ? On a encore quelques places si vous cherchez un bon clan France rhonalp

  34. I have a question that I have been wondering for a while, ever since I've maxed my defences for th10. I've been working on my heroes and walls. My king is maxed and my queen is soon to be maxed. The last thing though is walls. And I've had trouble upgrading to lava walls since there so dang expensive. The thing is do you think it is neccesary for me to upgrade all my walls before going to th 11? And if you have any strategies for me to upgrade walls is also appritiated:)

  35. finally a good thumbnail

  36. Hasn't he shown MastaFung's attack in recent recap?

  37. Didn't he show the attack at 4:30 during a recap? Or am I mixing it up with something

  38. We have the rule 'first come, first served' :(

  39. thanks for the ideas… with my clan we win most wars but have lost 2 not very hard ones.. we normally make our th 3s take out the low bases in first 10 mins of wat and it works. i might try your stuff out

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  41. damm jake u already a 10.5? i thought u only just got th10

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