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WAR THAT BROKE MY BACK | WHF vs. Savage Sloots (Recap #136)

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  1. looking forr possible 11's ? to 2 star other 11 or bully 10's? XD

  2. I'd love to see that dragon guide PB :)

  3. I wonder why 2 poison spells can take out a dragon but not a king with less Hitpoints.

  4. my clan gets smashed in wars all the time but then i drink some beer and its not a problem anymore

  5. fun war ?showed class going lighter on the lower 10s

  6. First attack was great good job momentous

  7. Savage slooths are decent clan

  8. Already knew WHF had "L" before seeing the opener… They're just not that elite

  9. OH just lost to a clan named Vatang where we had 17 TH9 attacks leftover after clearing theirs, and they had to dip one or two attacks.  I feel your pain, PB.

  10. Sick replays

  11. Sweet quality boost

  12. I hate savage sloots

  13. All the 10s in the war clan I'm in have been 3 staring other th10s really well. It just takes a lot of creative strategy. You can't use the cookie cutter armies at th10.

  14. PB im a low to mid lvl th9 how can I keep my DPS units with my tanks….love your tutorials man keep it up

  15. Tough loss. Did they have a TH advantage?

  16. Could you try to put out some th8 content?

  17. Quality is nice! I noticed right away.

  18. a half an hour video. It's great to see that the effort to provide these videos does not diminish PB. Greatly appreciated.

  19. ooombu daww

  20. Momentus had one of the nicest attacks i ever saw

  21. I liked the quality of the video, it looks very smooth! Also that first attack with dragons was very impressive!

  22. 8:24… The gold mine 9 squares away It is outside of her "vision", so she beats through the wall to get to the "closest structure" and was probably going for the mortar(Maybe) and then retargeted the gold after the mortar went down

  23. audio is absolutely better, maybe its that mike & mike boom..great vid as always

  24. Powerbang move up to 10.5 so that you can get the th10 advantage with the warden

  25. Great quality PB, enjoyed the video.

  26. I don't understand why people use deadzone bases in arranged wars, you know they can aq walk so what's the point?

  27. Pablito showing how mods work at th9

  28. You need some th10s? Ya, get some modders like war whales and PwC and you shud be good

  29. Same happened when we matched them…our 9s outmatched them bigtime but they did it on the 10s

  30. I'm digging the higher quality PB! Love your vids! Excited for you to get 100k

  31. Nice bro:)

  32. quality is loads better pb! great re cap as usual. I thought about applying, I'm 9.5 with just under 900 war stars (aq 32 bk 25) but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. I got to catch my heroes up a bit and get a bit more consistent with my th10 3 stars. maybe you will see me in a couple of months ?

  33. What happened to th11 Luke and Baas?

  34. Wazzup:)

  35. man RustyBucket is keepin true to that 8.5 lol

  36. You'll get better at TH10 in time! Once you get your troop upgrades in, it will be much better.

  37. first

  38. Hey PB do u attack outside of war, farming, or just do war only?

  39. great vid keep up the good work