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War Whales v 100% Adults (First Arranged Friendly War)

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  1. Snip always so excited when minions are involved ?

  2. In all seriousness, glad to see the Meta shifting away from miners.  The same Bowler KS seems to be very effective at 10 v 10 and certainly will be at 11 v 10, but rather than spam 150-175 troop space of miners in five seconds after that KS is finished, a more "skillful" LaLoon or Hogging can finish the base off instead.

  3. LaLoon with a heal is not fairplay (See FP Constitution).  However, Nadis is supposedly RIP after this past update.  Since Sloffy tripled with heal and LaLo, does that mean he has moved on to other forms of cheating?

  4. ?

  5. Sweet new Meta attacks looking forward too it