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War Whales v Cold September (Battling the Update)

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  1. "War recap video" is the same thing as "19 minute video of Snip complaining" apparently…. Smh

  2. Misleading tile "battling the mod patch" would be more apt ?

  3. "dont wanna sound like a salty bitch" lol great line

  4. pre update: mass attacks are gayyyyyyyy

    pot update: they nerfed my mass attacks!? that's gayyyyyyyy

    supercell can't win.

  5. Stop complaining about the miners pls thx

  6. i hate it when u hav greater percentage than the enemy but they still beat u coz u got unlucky on some raids ending at 95%+

  7. update just dropped. why the continuous complaint? Your th11 should have paid attention, 1st attack I did, I noticed the miner change! was quite obvious. Well, I hope more folks get perma banned if they still modding!

  8. Its not a Miner Nerf, its a Bug Fix (trying to say with a straight face is difficult)
    They admit to knowing about it and trying to fix it for MONTHS… but conveniently failed to mention… to anyone… during sneak peaks, update notes, Live ATK event with PB… Weak Sauce

  9. Very true snip!our best th 11 also failed on th 11 wid miners…..and nothing was said about that wid the update!miners r pretty much killed now!

  10. Snip do you accept Friend requests?Would be happy if you accept my
    Name:Agent Venom ^^

  11. do you even air bro? (moonface)

  12. Awww you skipped the war i sixed T_T