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War Whales v OneHive 2 0 (Rise of the Baby Dargons!)

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  1. Had my first war since i got to th9 yesterday ?
    Still learning laloon/golaloon, not easy at all, but one of my attacks was a 90% attack where the time ran out

  2. And right when I was wondering where Kobra was, he pops up as a war whale! I'm sure we'll see more of him in the future.

  3. Why do you call them Dar-gons not Drag-ons

  4. Nice vid Snip, great war, our version going public in the morning. It's a sad state we are in right now…. no way we should have won this war even with the advantage. It's a game of bullies right now… leaving 10s pretty useless. Basically have to use them for 2 stars on 11s or th9 bullies if u perform as our 9s did this war. Keep up the great videos man.

  5. I can't tell if it is a Clash video or not from the thumbnails.

  6. I beat Whahhaj

  7. Income the "you spelt the title wrong" comments

  8. What the fuck is a dargon,so annoying

  9. Any reason why 2.0 got the snub for CWL? Seems like they are more than able to compete?

  10. Oh so this is where agent went, he was the best th10 in WHF. The mans a beast ?

  11. Great Stuff as always Snip keep it going, greetings from Dark Looters Z 🙂 subbed !

  12. dargons everywhere

  13. what did you mean about the rule with bowlers at th 9? I'm new to channel so a bit lost lol

  14. Daaaamn agents hit inspiring me, now I know what to do this weekend in cwl