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War Whales v OneHive Invicta (Th9 tripling th10!!!)

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  1. Hello snip . Happy new year. Do u have a line Id? thanks

  2. This is how OP are loons these days. Still historic raid.

  3. Thumbs down…

  4. 5:13 If you could actually bring 7 hastes and 5 heals that'd be too OP lol

  5. why do u laugh so much on ur own commentary? reminds me of galadon…

  6. Good video!

  7. meanwhile im struggling against 9.5s…

  8. Snip son what do you go voice over/record with?

  9. Awesome attack by Jepyr. ..gonna share this video with all my clan mates. …great work on your channel Snip, am a subscriber btw!

    If you find the time do check out my channel Bleed S.C.X and give me some tips. Peace out✌

  10. love your videos man great content. on that note I understand it's a "joke" about the anti bowlers comments but if a troops makes things way to easy to triple why do you require max hero's to join? 30/30 hero's makes things super easy so why not boycott max hero's??

  11. It's quite hard with how you guys pronounce but it's pronounced sort of like a-knee-shh instead of uh-knish

  12. That swag king raid also had lvl 2 infernoes, so that combined w/ lvl 7 AD may have made it a tad easier to triple.

  13. yea I did 9v10 triple with 84k warweight I think but the design was obviously not closely as good as the base which Jim wrecked.


    Yay Snip!!

  15. Mistake in the title?

  16. the th9v10 was badass

  17. Rip my base, was fun war to be part off even tho I sucked ?

  18. RIP Hinkraka ?

  19. ??

  20. 7 hastes n 5 heals. ??

  21. I like how you managed to misspell Invicta two different ways in the title and description

  22. invicta* tho

  23. for the first time

  24. frist