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Warrior Farmer – TH10 3 Star Valk-o-Matic attacks

  1. I'm glad you didn't accept my offer to race to titans. Sitting at 4048 right now 😀 Only lost 9 on defense today and haven't lost a single raid. Good luck! (you dirty trophy pusher….)

  2. Nice video series! I'm using more valks in my farming, and I'm getting that queen up, pushing to 20!!!

  3. Big fan of this attack style — and it netted me my first six star war as a TH10 just yesterday, after months of boring mass golem attacks for two stars. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    The only recurring problem that I have is funneling the coring team from opposite the Queen. Obviously she creates one side of that funnel, but I've had giants/golems stray on me a couple times now. Any suggestions on that specific detail? Even with that minor struggle though, the two star is still reasonable likely, love it.

  4. Can your 2 golems in your army composition be exchanged by 12 giants and a follow-up question is it good for a level 25 queen to do valk-o-matic attacks?

  5. Nice raids, thanks for sharing. Trying to get the hang of this sort of stuff, but not quite there yet. The fails hurt when you need the resources for troops and heroes.

    As a newish TH10, I'd like to be doing this sort of attacking all the time; it's more fun and good war practice. At the same time, your army cost and cook time there is pretty high; your profit on the three raids showing at the top of your attack log is pretty much just Gold and Loot Bonus. Seems to me, boring as it is, sitting in Gold stomping bases with AQ+4 healer/GiBarch is just way way higher speed for resource building.

    My question, would you still be raiding like this if you still had work to do on your heroes and troop upgrades?

  6. As always thanks for the videos. I'm a max TH9 using this strat to get really high %s on lower level TH10s, last 2 times could have been 3* with just one little tweak… Looking forward to using these further when I finish TH upgrade!

  7. I have been using that last base for awhile now, not many people even two star it and I win most raids. At lest now I see how I could beat. Thx